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Edirol FA-66 Upgrade

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Hi everyone,


I've just recently discovered this forum and web site and I'm really enjoying it very much. This is my first post and I have a question about my current "DAC" which is a Roland (Edirol) FA-66.


My setup consists of iTunes > Airport Express > Toslink > FA-66 > Genelec 6010a. It's really just a test setup using some of my audio recording and mixing gear for a living room hi-fi experience.


I like it very much and it reminds me of my old Linn/Naim gear. It's really that nice!


However, I can't really purpose the FA-66 permanently for this as it's used for another audio project, and so I'm wondering what a good substitute would be?


I've considered the Benchmark DAC1, Stello, and PS Audio's offerings. But I'm undecided, in fact I am quite confused.


Budget wise I can go up to around $1K and I have no issue with buying used gear. I do have a strong preference for internal power supplies too (it's an ergonomic thing). USB is not important as it will be fed by the Airport Express. XLR is also not an issue as the little Genelecs only have RCA.


I can get the Benchmark locally but the other DACs will have to come by post.


I listen to a wide variety of music but the bulk of my CD collection is classical. All my legal download digital music collection is electronic dance music, however.


Any suggestions would be very welcome even saying keep the FA-66 and rehook up your other setup when needed!


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