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Mark Levinson No. 53 Reference Mono Amps (3 total)

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Mark Levinson No. 53 Reference Mono Amps (3 total)

Up for sale are 3 Mark Levinson No. 53 amps


These amps just came back from an authorized ML repair center in NY.

They were tested and parts that needed replacement were replaced.


They are in near perfect condition in the original shipping crates.

They have a few small blemishes on the top edge of the cooling fin, please send me a message for detailed pictures.


I wanted to give the members here a first shot at them.


The pair is $11,950

The Single one is $5,950

The Trio is $15,950


Please contact me first before clicking to buy. I need to calculate the shipping cost and send you the detailed pictures.


(plus shipping and PayPal fees)

To calculate shipping, these are the dimensions:

26X13X31 and 150lbs each crate.

Ships from zip code 32832.

Example: shipping to NJ including full insurance is +-$500 for the pair by FedEx and +- $650 by freight carrier.

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    15,950.00 USD
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