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SOLD: Woo Audio WA33 Elite Edition With JPS Wiring



This is your chance to get what many consider to be the best tube headphone amplifier in the world at a significant discount. For sale is a top-of-the-line, fully upgraded, Woo Audio WA33 Elite Edition amplifier with JPS wiring, including a full set of unused/factory new stock tubes and aftermarket dust cover:


  • 1 x WA33 Fully-balanced Headphone Amp/Preamplifier Elite Edition With JPS Wiring


Stock Tubes:

  • 1 x 5U3C stock rectifier tube
  • 4 x 2A3EH Electro-Harmonix Gold power tubes
  • 4 x 6C45PI Sovtek driver tubes


I'm also throwing in:

  • 1 x S-Covers dust cover: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164943392955

Upgraded Tubes

  • 1 x TA-274B Takatsuki rectifier tube
  • 4 x KR Audio 2A3 HP power tubes
  • 4 x 6C45Pi Electro-Harmonix Gold-pin driver tubes
  • Selling the upgraded suite of tubes as a package for $3,000 shipped


I am the original purchaser and owner. Unit is practically brand new with extremely low usage (estimated 400 hours of use...the amp/caps aren't even burned in yet!!). This setup retails for $17,000 not including taxes, shipping, or the aftermarket dust cover I'm throwing in. Asking only $15,000 - including PayPal fees, insurance, and shipping. Payment via PayPal, Venmo, or local sale in Denver, Colorado only. Please be aware you may need to send two separate payments as PayPal may limit payments to $10,000 in a single transaction. Both payments will be required prior to shipping. I have 100% positive feedback on every platform I've ever bought or sold on, so buy with the utmost confidence:
Head-Fi: https://www.head-fi.org/members/littlej0e.539576/
US Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/userprofile.php?user_id=196132
Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/users/littlej0e
eBay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/littlej0e

If this listing is still active, the WA33 is still for sale. I'm looking for a fair deal at a fair price. Please don't low ball...i beg you! You are wasting my time and yours!!!

Come get your dream amp!!! Thanks for looking!




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