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Do I Need Three Ether Regens??

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I have four stereo systems in my house, all Roon Ready.  Right now I have Netgear switches at three sites.  I can replace the. Netgear switch at Windows Computer 1 with the Ether Regen.


at the computer I can do this:

“B” Port Ether Regen < Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Router

“A” Port  Ether Regen > Windows Computer 1

“A”Port Ether Regen > Roon Nucleus

“A”Port Ether Regen > Living Room  Netgear Switch > Audio Alchemy DMP-1

                                                                    > Naim Uniti Core

“A” Port Ether Regen > TV Room Netgear Switch > Oppo UDP-205 

                                                        > Audio Alchemy DMP-1

I wish there was a 5th “A” port for Computer 2, but there isn’t.


I’m sending a clean signal to the Living Room and the TV Room but that clean signal passes through a Netgear switch.  Does that compromise the signal?  Do I need another Ether Regen to clean up the signal?







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