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Stereo quality and what the numbers mean.

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Hi all.  I hope I am in the right place.  I am just getting back into the avr world.  I am curious to what brands are good now. and what all the ratings and tags mean.  I have been reading a lot and am getting more confused.  Base line is I am hearing challenged and have my entertainment set up so I can hear.    I have had Harmon Kardon and onkyo. My onkyo ts dx 595 has been a great receiver but it died and I am trying to get something  equal to or better.  I have polk center channel and jbl  main fronts and rears.  Is Denon or onkyo still as good as they used to be or should I look at something different.   I need the clearest cleanest sound I can get with out being in the highest price stuff.  I would guess mcintosh is out of my budget.  thanks for any guidance

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