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Best Streamer without a music server (no Roon etc)

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A Bluesound Node 2i connected to your Mytek DAC via coax or toslink would be worth looking at. The onboard DAC isn't great so using it as a transport to the Mytek will give you excellent results. It supports Amazon Music HD, Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify (as well as others) with the BluOS app. It also supports Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and Qobuz Connect which means that you can use the native mobile app on your ipad and play to the Node.

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14 hours ago, BrownMagic said:

Qobuz told me that they do not have anything called Qobuz Connect. The only way to use the native Qobuz app to stream is via Chromecast. Are you able to stream to Node2i via Qobuz app?? Please advise. That is the solution I am looking for and I can only do that now with a Primare NP5. 


No, sorry my mistake. It would be nice if it did though.

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