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Battle of the Titans in Houston on Saturday...

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I don't know how many Texans are represented here but thought I'd throw out an invite for an open event at my home in Seabrook. The main event is a comparison of the heavyweight champion Klipschorn vs. Jack Frazier's magnum opus the Model Eleven. I have one of less than a 100 pairs that were built of this refrigerator sized masterpiece. If all goes according to plan, the Elevens and 'horns will be driven by the same source, though, of course, in different rooms. PWK considered Jack Frazier to be about his only peer and the feeling was reciprocated. I've long held that the Heresy was PWK's answer to the Frazier Mk IV (of which I own 4) and the Eleven was Jack's answer to the Klipschorn...underscored by the fact that it is 1db more efficient and one octave lower in bass!


If interested, the details will be found at http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/109044.aspx





\"If it sounds good, it IS good.\" Duke Ellington

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