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Aqua Acoustic Quality LinQ Network Interface review

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Great to hear, thank you!

4x20A circuits | Audioquest Niagara 3000 | Paul Hynes SR4T + HDPlex HD500 PSUs -> Music PC w/JCAT Femto nic, HQPlayer, Roon, Tidal / Qobuz | EtherRegen + BG7TBL 10MHz OXCO clock + HDPlex HD100 LPSU  | Aqua Acoustic Quality LinQ streamer | Aqua Acoustic Quality Formula xHD Rev. 2 DAC | Audionet Pre G2 preamp | Audionet Max mono blocks | Vivid Audio Giya G2 Series 2 | 4 JL Audio Fathoms | Echole ICs and SCs , Shunyata PCs and EthCs | Critical Mass Center Stage footers -> components, Isoacoustics -> speakers + subs | Adona Eris 6 rack | Fully treated + dedicated 2 channel room

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