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How good are audio interfaces' DAC and headphone amp?

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I'm looking to add mic-in and headphone-out capability to my computer desktop 2-channel system. After some research, audio interface seems to serve my needs. 


Its mic-in part should have very good audio quality, but what about its headphone-amp and DAC part, how do they compare to similarly priced DAC/headphone amp? 


I know for audio interface, I'm paying for a lot of things I dont need. For under $200, I can get a pretty decent one and the more expensive ones seems to only add more input/output. I have no way of knowing whether the DAC and headphone amp are actually better. 


From what I have researched, I should be able to skip the AI DAC and use my current DAC in my main computer listening system. But I hope it should be a solid upgrade to my laptop internal DAC when I'm in the office. Schiit Modi 3 level at the very least for a sub-$200 audio interface (Focusrite scarlett/Motu M2)?

Setup #1: GoldenEar Triton Reference --> Parasound Halo Integrated --> Allo DigiOne Signature

Setup #2: ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 --> Akitika GT-102 --> ???

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