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Asus Xonar Essense ST and Windows 7, ASUS control panel and J River settings (using card's DAC)


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Hello--I am new to the forum and to the serious digital audio scene. I just purchased the Asus Essence ST card and plan on hooking it up to my amplifier using the card's RCA analog jacks--I don't have an external DAC yet. I would like to know the optimum settings I should use in the Asus control panel, Windows 7 64 bit and j River to get the best possible sound. I have seen a lot of post concerning various configs but it always looks like its when using an external DAC.


I will be mostly listening to flac files burned from CD's and 320 kbps mp3's but will also be adding some of the higher res stuff in the very near future.


I am still wading through all of the bit perfect stuff and don't know if it even comes into play in my scenario. If anyone has a good link to a primer on that subject, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance to all who choose to respond to my post.




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