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iMac and Creek (not a new banking institution!)

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Thanks to Chris Connaker, I'm enjoying the benefits of his helpful advice and articles here at computeraudiophile. As I type, I'm listening to Pink Floyd's "Flaming" in gorgeous AIFF lossless format. Wonderful! A small donation is in order soon I feel.


What I'd like to know, is, if I attach my Intel iMac to my old Creek CAS 4040 amp, would I notice any benefit in sound quality? I don't have the finances for a DAC you see, so I'm hoping that getting my old amp hooked up will be a stop-gap solution for now.


Any advice most appreciated, as always.





Intel iMac + Beresford TC-7510 + Little Dot MK III + beyerdynamics DT 231 = Computer audiophile quality on the cheap! --- Samsung Q1 + M-Audio Transit + Sennheiser PX 100 = Computer audiophile quality on the go!

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