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A method for organizing and playing classical music that minimizes the impact of idiosyncracies of player programs

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I believe it is better to do the organizing and primary file storing in Windows Explorer, so the same files and organization can work if you change from J River to something else in the future. Moreover, using Windows Explorer as your primary organizing tool, avoids the idiosyncracies of the playback program. Thus, if the playback program devastates all your files, you can quickly retool and get back to playing.

For a classical listener, you can rip (eg, in Dbpoweramp) with auto file naming set to composer,genre [opera, chamber, concerto etc],title and then add a movement identifying number using the Windows Explorer rename function. The files can be organized in Windows Explorer folders as you like (eg, Flac downloads, WAV rips, etc). Windows Explorer will automatically sort the files in each folder in a usable order, including all movements of a piece, and you can import them in that usable order to J River (or other program).

You can create playlists in a program -- one playlist for one piece (which includes all movements), and name the playlist with the same composer, genre, and title scheme; then export to a Windows Explorer playlist folder. You then can keep track of your collection with the Windows Explorer playlist folder.

With this procedure, when you want to use a different player (or experience a catastrophic event in your existing player), you will not have to re-enter and re-organize all your files when you start using the new player(assuming the new player also allows importing files from Windows Explorer).

I have attached a complete outline of the procedure I use. While it is specific to the system I have set up, it may be of assistance to other classical listeners who want to set up something similar.


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I second you on that, Dennis. I also feel more comfortable by using folder structure to access my music. I haven't been as methodical in ripping, though, but still I've found the access by folder structure very robust with both my Squeezebox and now Foobar. Just proves your point, I guess ...


All best,



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