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Euphony OS w/Stylus player setup and issues thread

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4 minutes ago, bobfa said:

I am very interested to hear your results.  


I feel a bit queasy with everyone doing all of this testing.  While we are on an interesting quest, i hope we are not Don Quixote tilting at windmills. 


I feel that this method of disconnected communications about separate executions of our own thoughts, seems to be a detractor to progress. At the moment I cannot think of a better way to coordinate efforts for better effect using only the forum software.  IF we extend communications with Slack and maybe Trello we might create a way improve communications and progress.  


Bob - I hear what you are saying, but with people on different schedules, different timezones, daily jobs, family, different priorities, etc. there is no easy way to do that. We can try to create a local Chicago group, though, and improve coordination and communication between us. And report back our findings here. 

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