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I am new to audio devices and don't know what to do for my PC audio. I have decided to increase my audio budget to accommodate a pair of Yamaha HS7's paired with the Yamaha HS8S subwoofer. For headphones, I am really liking the Beyerdynamic DT1990's.

My question is: What additional sound devices (DAC, Pre-amp, Headphone amp, Sound card, etc) will I need to maximize these devices? One thing I am looking for is the ability to have both my speakers and headphones plugged in at the same time and being able to switch between them from desktop.

What device or devices should I purchase? What cables/converters/adapters will I need? Should I worry about buying isolation pads, wall mounts, stands, or any other related audio support? I'd like to keep my spending consistent with the hardware, so be pretty loose with the recommendation (around $1000 or so). Thanks!

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