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computer to DAC/PRE


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I am new to computer based audio, and have managed to download a CD in itunes (AIFF) on my MacBook. I wish to know if one can go directly from computer to a DAC/Pre, and how best to connect same. Or, do I need a music server between computer and DAC/Pre?


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You can use the optical, providing your DAC (or receiver, pre/processor or integrated amp with an internal DAC) has such an input.


USB is also a connection you can use to feed a DAC.


1) Asus netbook/XP > decco integrated > audiodata 88 dB @1W/1m, 8 Ohm loudspeakers[br]2) Rega Planet or Asus desktop/XP > Rega IO > Mapleshade-modded Heathkit SA-2 (2x EL84/ch) > audiodata 90 dB @1W/1m, 4 Ohm loudspeakers

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