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A remote for AyreWave... maybe


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I have a harmony 880 remote and accidentally hit one of the buttons as I was turning off my system this evening. I happened to have AW app open but it was done playing the files. As my fingers accidentally hit a button on the remote my monitor showed some shuffle play mode on that horizontal strip that AW emits to show the track title and it started playing a random track. I touched a few other buttons and I figured out how to get it to go up and down the list and play and pause different tracks. The harmony remote was programmed to control Plex at the time so the button's name didn't match the command performed. It should be possible to program the harmony remote for AW I should imagine. It looks like there are quite a few remote commands possible. I'm off to beddy-bye right now but I'll play around with it in the next few days.

I just thought I'd put this out there as I'm pretty sure some people were lamenting the lack of remote options for AW.


Buy the way I could hardly tear myself away from my stereo today after downloading AW last night. It's definitely the best sound ive gotten from my system. I usually do paper work while I listen but the sound was so involving I was pulled continually from the task at hand to enjoying the music. Maybe I'll have to use "Play" for work and AW for play. :-)


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Pretty cool, seems like its programmed to work with the apple remote.

Thats better than nothing, but i really miss the "Remote" iphone app.


I currently use a VLC client on the iphone as a remote.


I agree about the sound quality, It`s the biggest difference i have heard yet between software players. Much better than PM in my room.


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