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Weiss Minerva Digital Loop Question

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Hi All.


Just joined and have tried to find this question elsewhere in the forums to no avail, so...here goes.


I want to use a processor in a digital loop from my Weiss Minerva. The connection would be:


FW out of mac --> FW in on Minerva --> SPDIF (RCA) out of Minerva --> SPDIF (RCA) in on processor --> SPDIF (RCA) out of processor --> SPDIF (RCA) in on Minerva --> analogue out of Minerva.


The manual suggests that this setup could be achieved in I was using the AES/EBU in/out on the Minerva, but is silent with respect to the RCAs. I suspect that it isn't do-able seeing that it isn't mentioned, but thought someone might be able to confirm?




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why dont you contact Daniel at Weiss? He will tell you right away, if this is possible and if so, how.

I only had the the minerva for a couple of days, but as far as I remember, what you want is not possible, because you would need to activate two different digital inputs at the same time.



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Hi Claudius,


I took your advice and was pleasantly surprised with a prompt, courteous and helpful reply from Daniel. (I was surprised because this sort of response is, in my experience, rare from manufacturers these days.)


In case anyone's interested, the answer to my question is "sort of".


A digital loop cannot be effected by using the RCAs as I had planned, but it can be by using the XLRs, as explained in the Minerva manual - in my case, I will simply need to use XLR-RCA adapters so that I can run RCA-terminated cables.


Thanks for your help Claudius.




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