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Help with Inital Setp Config of SOund System


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Hello all i was wondering if i could get some feedback/ help with improving my set-up.

Heres my equipment:

Receriver-Sony STR- DR910

SPeakers- Polk Audio Rm7 Sattelite

Pc-Asus Ul 50 (laptop) Windows 7 w/ 4 Gb ram & an (Intel/RealTec High Def with HDMI sound card ?)

all connecytions are through HDMI.Ex Pc-Receiver-TV

So recently i connected my pc directy to my amp through HDMI and use my TV as my moniter and receiver as my sound system to listen to all my music rather than my ghetto ipod setup.

Under Propeties it says

Max channel 2

HDCP not supported

Bit depths 16-20-24: and

Sample rates 32, 44.1 48 kHz.

SO my questions are:

1)What sample rate do i set it at?

2) Can i /do i get linear pcm sound from this set-up?

Is multi channel decoding apart of this?

3) LAstly any suggestions to make my set-up better for improved sound quality?

Thank you any help is much appreciated : )


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1) set it to 44.1 kHz.


2) Yes, linear pcm is a format with varying qualities. mp3s are a lower quality format that gets converted to LPCM.


3) Make sure you are using a program with Kernel streaming or ASIO. Read up on this site. I'd probably get better front speakers as a first upgrade if you're headed that way.


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