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Converting WAV with Cue to FLAC?


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I have an extensive library of ripped music (900 Discs) on my Exemplar Audio Music Server. It uses EAC and Rips each disc to 1 Large WAV file with a corresponding Cue file. Most album, track,artist and Genre info was obtained using the FreeDB or hand entered. I have purchased a PS Audio PWD/Bridge that allows me to get the computer out of the listening room. The only problem is that the PWD/Bridge does not do WAV/Cue playback (I've been using Foobar2000).


So my question is how do I convert from 1 large WAV with Cue to say FLAC while also imbedding the appropriate Tagging (keeping the Album/Artist/Track/Genre/Year) info?


I'd love to have a program that would allow me to point it at the Library and tell it to convert the entire thing, outputting to a specified location. That's probably too much to ask, but something that will take the two corresponding files and convert to FLAC (or maybe AIFF) and have the converted files have the proper Tagging.


I've never messed with my Foobar2000 or EAC settings. They are configured as they were when I purchased the server.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I think dbPowerAmp should do what you require - though you may need the paid for version.






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