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Shared Music Library between Apple iTune and Windows 7 Foobar

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Dear all,


As a new comer to the Mac World, I would like to seek your advice on setting up/sharing my iTune library.


Basically, I use a MacBook Pro as the music server and hook it up to the Weiss DAC2 for decoding. Apart from the Apple OS, I also installed Bootcamp so that I can use Foobar + WASAPI in the Windows partition. I store the music files in the iTune Music Media folder under Apple OS and Foobar is just the secondary playback system.


However, it appears that the music files stored under Apple iTune cannot be played by Windows Foobar. Is this a setting problem? Or I rather suspect this is because Foobar cannot read music files that is stored under Apple iTune (i.e. NOT NTFS formatted). Is there a way to share the music library that is store under different OS?


Many thanks in advance!!



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