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Itunes gapless playback with Pure Music software

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I almost always listen to whole albums and want to hear them exacly as they were mastered, with no extra gaps and whatever silence between tracks on the original left in place. It seems that Itunes does this without checking the gapless playback box on the albums. I have read up on this and understand that it only affects things when you are using a cross fade setting. I wonder why Pure Music cannot do the same??? So, From the little bit of experimenting I have done it appears that Pure Music will play the albums gapless if I check the gapless box for the album in Itunes. I am using the hybrid memory playback mode by the way. My Questions are

1: I have a few thousand albums in my library and it will take for ever to go album by album and check the boxes. Can I just select all albums - Get info and check the box once. I am thinking I can but don't want to turn my library into one giant gapless album. Does Itunes just tag every song separately or does it actually group an album into one gapless piece?


2: Are there any reasons why I should not want every album tagged gapless? Will it cause any problems? I do not understand why anyone would want to insert gaps in the first place.


Thanks for any help you can give. I am new at this and not very experienced with Itunes or Macs.


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I realise that this post hasn't been updated in a while but I found it in a search and was hoping maybe somebody might have some answers now....


I am currently running the demo version of pureMusic 3.0 and so far I really like it. However I am also interested in the gapless playback feature (VERY important for Pink Floyd!): I use XLD to rip and Media Rage to tag all of my audio files (I use ALAC) but I have been unable to find any field in ANY editor except iTunes that allows me to mark a gapless album. Is the gapless tag part of the files metadata or is it information that gets stored in iTunes? I know that XLD detects any pregap between tracks on the disc and includes this (or not if there isn't any) in the ripped files. Therefore I assume that if I mark all my albums as gapless in iTunes, then they should all play correctly/as originally mastered on the CD? The important point of all this is: will I have to go through all (almost all) of my albums in iTunes and mark them as gapless?


Also I noticed that when using Memory Play with an album that I did mark as gapless, PureMusic started using a ridiculous amount of system memory (I know that it has to load all of the files into memory for the gapless feature to work but the total size of all the files in the album was at least half the amount of memory that Pure Music was using). Does anyone know why this might be?


Also I noticed that the iTunes/PureMusic combo has significantly higher CPU usage than just iTunes which is contrary to the claims made by the developers of PureMusic on their website.


I am trying to decide whether to purchase PureMusic or not..... and I definitely can't afford Amarra!


I am using a MacBookPro with 2.8GHz core2Duo and 4Gb RAM running OS X 10.4.6 Snow Leopard.





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2: Are there any reasons why I should not want every album tagged gapless? Will it cause any problems? I do not understand why anyone would want to insert gaps in the first place.


Has anyone done this? Any major reason why this would be a problem? Other than (I guess) the fact it will load the every album in memory before playback even if you just want to listen to a single track?


Any other/better way to handle gapless albums in pure music?


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