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Help with Apple TV (4th Gen) audio


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I installed the Radio Paradise App on my 4th Gen Apple TV. I chose the lossless bitrate option. My ATV is connected to a NAD T747 AVR via HDMI.

The ATV is also connected to my home network (using AirPort Extreme as my router) via ethernet connection. According to the information on this generation ATV the lossless FLAC file being streamed by Radio Paradise is not compatible. (FLAC files seem to be compatible  with the newer 4K ATV however) Would someone please explain to me the EXACT path of the file and is my ATV converting the lossless FLAC file to lossless ALAC then to my NAD?  Or is my ATV converting it to an AAC file then to the NAD. if so is the AAC file lossless?  Thank you for your help. 



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I can’t answer all of your questions, but I can answer a few:


AAC is always compressed. 320kbps is the high end bitrate. And 320kbps AAC’s sound really, really good. 


The Radio Paradise app is doing the decoding, and if it plays FLAC files then they work just fine. When they say the AppleTV is incompatible with FLAC they mean the music app will not play those type of files. 


My assumption is that the Radio Paradise app is turning the FLAC file into a PCM bitstream (uncompressed audio) and sending that to your NAD. 



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