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Bekeley Alpha DAC MK1 MQA upgrade, yes, or no?

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Does anyone have experience with MQA upgrade for Berkeley Alpha DAC MK1?

How much is the sound enhancement?

Is it better to buy used BADA MK2, or to work on MQA upgrade on MK1?

The difference in the used MK1 and MK2 is about $ 1000 with delivery, and the price of MQA upgrade is about $ 630.

My HiFi: HTPC, AudioQuest USB cable, Berkeley Alpha USB, Nordost Valhalla AES / EBU, Berkeley Alpha DAC, AudioQuest Amazon IC, Ayon Croassfire II SET integrated amplifier, Nordost Valhalla speaker cable, DIY 3 way Accuton ceramic speakers, Nordost Valhalla power cords.

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