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(1st post) Wow, what a difference Vista64/Itunes made vs SnowLeopard/Itunes


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So just out of curiosity, I decided to listen to my mix of music (AAC, Lame insane MP3s, AIFF)

on Itunes with Vista 64 on my 8 core mac pro w/16 gigs of ram.

I'm using M Audio transit dac usb out , PSB Alpha, altec lansing THX 2.1...


Ok, the difference in quality is shocking


I'm running SRS Labs iwow on the mac to improve soundstage, bass, etc

I've fine tuned Itunes on both platforms... but this is only difference for Itunes.

There's no improvement with iWow on or off on the mac side... still sounds average


I think Snow Leopard isn't taking advantage of the M Audio transit DAC.... at least

that's my thinking... Even though driver is installed


I played Ben Rizzi's Ultimate CD, there seems to be phasing issues when played in Snow Leopard and yet zero speaker phasing issues in Vista64. It's really strange, I've checked all the wiring... so that's good...



I think I'm going to be listening to my Itunes via Vista! Maybe try another player too...


Any feedback or suggestions appreciated...




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