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Hi folks,


you may know, which are the smartest solutions to play HD files 24/96 and control the whole (hidden) setup and music library on the NAS with only one device remotely. (like Sonos)


I looked into these 3 options:


1)Majik DS with internal volume control (digital?) and Konductor App on the IPod touch

2)Akurate DS with Konductor/Ipod Volume control over RS232, this requires a new preamp in my system :-((

3)MacMini/pure vinyl, itunes, wavelength proton DAC, probably weaker sound quality than Majik DS ?


...are there more DACs, that allow analog volume control via a library tool (App) or from the remotely controlled Minimac desktop?


...would you wait a few weeks/months in this dynamic market, because there are smart solutions just "round the corner"?


Cheers, Frank


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