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Ok guys n gals. I have finally got my new "front end" up and working.

Asus EeeBox EB1501> M-Audio Transit(usb to pc)> Musical Fidelity V-Dac.

Running W7 MM3 with ASIO.

And all sounds pretty good to me. Sort of hard to tell which driver is being used

in MM3(waveout - monkey directout - ASIO). They all sound very very samey.

I guess they should, as I presume they all deliver bit perfect pass through.

As has been mentioned in this forum, the "Transit" will not automatically handle

different res files automatically.( ie. I may have a playlist with 16bit/44.1 and 24bit/96 files or even 24/192)

As it stands, I will have to manually reconfigure the setting on "Transit" to recognize 24bit.

(although it doesn't suport 192 sampling).

What I'm looking for is a device like the M-Audio Transit that can auto handle different res files.(An interface)

This hardware was chosen and introduced to work round the problems with Windows audio handling.

I know I could switch to Mac but I'd loose the lovely interface that is MM3/Monkeyflow etc.

I am also seriously considering AVI ADM9.1 and want to be able to send bit perfect 24/192 files

to the onboard dac.

So, anybody got any advice on what piece of hardware fits the bill. Budget is also a consideration. I like the value the M-Audio Transit offers.(sub $100) can run to $500 or so.

I also require the device to have enough inputs to accomodate a PS3 optical out. At present I have a powered converter(Optical to Electrical) to hook it up to the existing DAC.

Kind regards,




Asus Eeebox EB1501 > HiFace > MF Vdac > Naim NAC102/NAP180 > Castle Howard

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The obvious suggestion would be to try the M2Tech HiFace device that is raved about amonst users here and on other forums.






...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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Thanks for the swift reply Eloise. That looks like it will fit the bill.

I've had a quick nosey about it on t'web. I couldn't see anything specifically

stating it auto senses/switches but I presume it does.

Many thanks




PS anybody got any other thougts?


Asus Eeebox EB1501 > HiFace > MF Vdac > Naim NAC102/NAP180 > Castle Howard

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An alternative path.


Firstly, congrats on getting it all up and running. I just knew the sample rate switching thing would bug the crap out of you sooner or later though. If you are staying in the windows world, download sox (free) and batch convert some of your 96 or 192 files to 48. Try them next to the originals. If you cannot hear a difference, problem solved: stick with the M-audio. If you can hear the difference then a) you have golden ears and b) keep your checkbook handy.


Good luck.


- John.


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To match my golden b***s I wish. LOL.

Your post brought a wry smile thanks John.

An interesting thought. Have always wondered just

how good or bad my ageing ears are.

I'm definitely of that age where convenience is as important(nearly)

as sound quality.

In honesty, some of my "requirements" are more about future proofing

than anything else. Will settle down with the system and continue

ripping my CD collection. I really hope there is a noticeable difference

in sq of high res files otherwise a lot of studios are wasting there time.

Mind you, I will have to acquire some high res first. ;-)

Kind regards,




Asus Eeebox EB1501 > HiFace > MF Vdac > Naim NAC102/NAP180 > Castle Howard

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