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Hi Loke,


Yes, I am referring to the Prism Orpheus. I am using an older version of the FFADO library, with which configuration of the DAC is not supported under Linux, except that qjackctl can set the sample rate of the unit. If you set up the DAC under another operating system, the volume control on the unit will control the playback gain.


However, I've read that the latest version of the FFADO library has better support of the Orpheus, including gain control of the mic inputs. I haven't upgraded yet though because I don't record under Linux. I suppose I could try the upgrade and get back to you.




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That would be very useful, as there is a lack of reliable information about Orpheus under Linux. If the volume controls can be set from e.g. Ardour then this would appear to be a very interesting device. The unit is pricy, but I think it is worth every penny if I can use it under Ubuntu.




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