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Yes...another NAS thread!

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So I have reached a point in my computeraudiophile evolution where I need to move to a storage device of some kind. I have been ripping and storing right on my laptop, running Squeezebox Server and streaming to Transporter digital out to a Berkeley Alpha DAC. Been great but out of space so I have been playing around with different NAS units. First I got a Blackarmor NAS 110 which is very simple and SBS runs on my laptop with this device. I have had some quirks (driver not found etc) which I cannot seem to fix and I also learned that Logitech suggests the ReadyNAS Duo. So...I got on and started to set it up too. On this unit, SBS runs on the NAS.


Is there any benefit to either of these? I do not care about RAID or the fact that my laptop is on or off, more about sonics and what is most efficient. I am confused! I knw everything matters, heck...I found a sonic difference when I replaced my olld G router with a N+ dualband and moved files onto the NAS. I think some of that was because my laptop was full and really bogged down but still...it all matters! Only you guys would understand!


I also am baffled from trying to figure out how to get sbs to run/update on the readynas.


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