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iMo Pivot Touch

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I've been reading the posts here for a few months and want to thank everybody for helping me get up to speed with regard to what's involved building a music server. I thought I had it figured out and was going to use the following equipment:


MacBook Pro


Squeezebox Touch

Bryston Dac


I already have the MacBook and Drobo but while I was waiting for the Squeezebox Touch to come out (forever!) I ended up upgrading my stereo system getting new Focal speakers and a new amp and preamp, and CD player (somebody stop me, please!) Anyway, then I see the new iMo Pivot Touch from Chris's CES posts, and I'm thinking, I WANT one of those. The cost is very reasonable and it's the right size (not too big or small). It seems perfect for an interface (I crave a Sooloos but I'm not a rich man). I was waiting for the Squeezebox but now I may rethink my plan and use the iMo touch screen. In that case the Bryston may not work for me because I won't now have a s/pdif interface (Squeezebox) between the macbook and the dac. Now that my long considered plans have been turned upside down, my question is whether iTunes is good enough for a music server software or if I should then go for Amarra software. Also, with regard to dacs, if I don't go the squeezebox/Bryston route, does it make sense to go for a Firewire or a USB dac, preferably one that also has additional inputs (esp. s/pdif) for my Oppo CD player? Any suggestions or opinions regarding Amarra or dacs for my iMo Touch configuration would be appreciated.



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