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Choosing components to build my first computer audio system to complement the existing setup. After several weeks of hard core homework I'm stumped on the front end. Without listing the many possible winners I've winnowed down,one result that intrigues me the most is the Berkley Alpha Dac paired with Logitech Touch. Internet radio and pulling my cd's off a Mac-Mini. or perhaps my MacBook Pro. After telling me the folly about radio could I get an amen? I have a surround system controlled by an Anthem D2v which has an audio direct passthrough. It would be helpful to hear your comments. Thanks, Peechus.



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so, although my first thought is that this is a bit like taking the V10 engine out of the latest Audi R8 and putting it in a standard Passat (because the seats are easier to deal with?), if it works for your needs, why not? The combination should be plug and play, and if your desires for future high res formats end at 24/96, then you're probably set.


It would have been nice if Logitech had incorporated the touch screen into a remote instead of the base unit, but otherwise the functionality seems reasonable.


The BADA, like any SPIDF input DAC, can be sensitive to jitter, so how that aspect of the interface plays out would remain to be seen. (I have a Berkeley Alpha DAC and use it with a reclocker, but then I'm probably a bit of a nutball outlier- you can get very good performance without going to that length.


I'd suggest considering a standard transport, too, for those time you just want to play a disk. Since the Berkeley has basically two inputs, if you want to use the Alpha DAC for input selection, that will mean getting a player with AES/EBU digital outputs, so the Logitech can drive the Alpha DAC on SPDIF.


In my own shoes, I prefer iTunes with Pure Vinyl playback engine running on a Mac (mini currently), which handles sample rate changes between material automatically), and I can control it with an iPod Touch or iPHone, or even just with an Apple remote in Front row. Currently I use an M2tech Hiface as SPDIF interface, but later in the year I expect to get a Weiss INT2002.


If the Logitech Touch is an acceptable interface to your PC or Mac where the music is stored, well, it's an inexpensive starting point for the front end. I was interested in the Transporter at one time, but the lack of support above 24/96 was a deal killer for me, as I have a lot of 176.4 and 192 kHz music. For many people, that won't be a problem.


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