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Best way to manage multiple versions of songs in iTunes

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mgslyvestre - this has been debated a couple times on this site, so you'll get some additional tips searching around. I deal with this exact situation by running two different iTunes libraries. One as my main audio library, and one that uses 320kps AAC for my ipods. I have them on different drives and when I want to update the ipods I just hold the option key when launching itunes and open the Ipod library, and then on next open hold option to switch back to the main audio library. pretty simple, easy, etc. When I want to populate the ipod library with new songs, just have itunes convert the selected tracks to 320kbs AAC and drag them to the desktop (delete from main library), and then import into the ipod library. Some folks use rippers that create WAV and MP3 versions of songs at the same time and then just add to each library as appropriate. good luck!


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