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should I buy a separate mac mini as server or add a xtra hard drive for squeeze box.

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I've got a fairly new mac mini with 4gb ram w/7200rpm hd with 350gb, and an older v2 stack for time machine

question is I want to add a squeeze box and should I add a separate new mac mini for music server only or should I add a new hard drive to existing mac mini. Right now i'm using the firewire 800 to connect to my v2 stack for time machine.

question is which would be better for music?

I could get a 640gb or 500gb mac mini holding 1000 or 750 cd's which I would get ripped to either. I'm thinking the more straight forward choice would be the new mac mini using my existing linksys network.

I've been going back and forth with wild thoughts of Olive music 4hd players etc plus getting a new dac possibly. If I got a new mac mini I could go direct to something like a Berkeley dac. to replace my existing Benchmark , too many decisions.

back to topic in hand, better to buy a new mac mini to put on the network and store the music to a new pristine hard drive or get a back up? I would rather spend more money for an eloquent solution

any help would be appreciated.


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