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DTS/AC3 support with m2tech hiFace

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does somebody know if the m2tech hiFace supports output of DTS/AC3 signals? I suppose that this is quite important to many audiophiles who also watch a movie once in a while and don't want to have a second converter.


Does it even make a difference to hiFace, whether a player like Media Player Classic sends a AC3 stream or a normal PCM stream?


If not, is there a workaround? If I use software tools like ffdshow or ac3filter, I can choose to output AC3 as PCM, may this work (would the hiFace ouput the exact same bit sequence as a sound card that supports AC3 natively)?


I would really appreciate any infos on this topic, because the hiFace definitely impresses me with regard to its stereo capabilities.


Best regards,



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