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Problem with Lynx L22 on Windows 7


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Hello everyone!

I'm a new member from Tokyo.

Right away,let me ask you about following issues.

Last week I switched my audio PC's OS from Windows XP to Windows 7.

My Lynx L22 worked properly for 3 days with build 17 RC3e beta driver.

But 2days ago,after Windows update executed,despite Lynx L22 was detected,

it didn't work as a sound device at all.

In device manager window,I noticed "!" at left side of the device's name.

Besides, I couldn't launch Lynx mixer with the message saying "The device can

not be found".

Anyone has the same or similar problem on Windows 7?


enken is listening to Windows7 64bit PC WASAPI playback with JRiver MediaCenter17 > Brainstorm DCD-8 with Symmetricom LPRO 10Mhz Rubidium master clock > Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC > Accuphase C-2810 > Accuphase A-45 > B&W Signature Diamond

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