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Yet another fan noise question....


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OK, I've got a new 15" MacBook Pro with a factory installed ssd. This thing is absolutely quiet. I don't hear anything from it and it's on all day, every day. I just installed a ssd in my 20" 7.1 iMac. The iMac is much, much quieter than before (almost completely so), but there is still a very slight fan noise from the two other fans in the iMac which are constantly running at their minimum speed when the iMac is on. I have yet to see a way to set the fan rpms below their minimum factory recommended settings. I'm using SMC fan control to monitor the temps and the fans don't need to be running. This is splitting hairs, but does the Mac Mini have any fans in it so that, if you installed a ssd in the unit, it would be completely silent or is my Macbook pro the quietest Mac offering at the moment?




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