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N1ZH - Scan?

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How can I access the settings of the DLNA server?
What is the rescan interval and can it be changed?
Is the scan automatic?
Does the N1ZH scan on startup?

If I use MinimServer can I monitor it via Minim Watch as I do now for my QNAP NAS?

If I have more than instance of MinimServer running on my network then how do I determine which one to monitor?

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Here's a reply from Alan at Melco (many thanks to Alan for a quick & precise reply)

The Twonky server can be accessed at port 9050 if you feel the requirement.
We set the server to meet demanding requirements for Hi-fi use rather than general purpose.
We rescan on power up.  We also rescan in event of any data changes being detected - by adding music via any of the normal routes for example.
Scanning status is always visible on the front panel OLED STATUS  --  MUSIUC DATABASE -- Scan Status...
You can initiate a scan at any time:-
If you install MinimServer then that is controlled directly from MinimWatch - the Melco does not access MinimServer for control.

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