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Octava 4x1 HDMI and Toslink Switch - really nice!

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I have a 2.1 System that I use for both video and audio.

To simplify things, I recently purchased one of these:

4 x 1 HDMI switch + optical audio ouput. Convert HDMI audio to Optical Audio. 4k UHD 3840x2160 @24Hz. Optical Audio from HDMI, Optical, or ARC. Fast switching time. IR Repeater for in cabinet installations. 1RU mount

This switch has some unique features that solved two distinct problems for me:

1. A simple to use switch to select video (hdmi) and audio (toslink) sources independently.

2. Reduces all my audio sources to a single toslink, so I can use any DAC.

It's great! I'm happy to post more about it if anyone is interested.

Bluesound Node 2-->LFD LE Mk V-->HSU VTF-1 Subwoofer (via high-level inputs)-->Harbeth P3ESR

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