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Most reliable/ easiest streaming setup

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Hey, I've been using an Auralic Altair for a while and while I find it good when it works. It's the most unreliable device I have ever used.


It will work for a few days but at other times DS Lightning shows 'no device'. It's problematic setting it up because when it gets to the bit where I need to pick my internet setting it just shows as scanning forever ( I'm in serviced apartment so it seems to get confused by the sheer number of wifi setups and I never have the opportunity to select my own).


Auralic have given me a few other things to try which work sometimes but to be honest - I just want to listen to music and not waste my time.


The dealer I bought from isn't responsive and the local dealer has dumped Auralic.


I just want to get a device up and running that is bulletproof streaming off a hard drive. An internal DAC isn't necessary as I can use my Chord DAC.


Is Aurender more reliable than Auralic?

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