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Peachtree Nova300 (premium DAC) questions


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So I just acquired an essentially new Peachtree Nova300 and am going to be rebuilding my system this weekend. Throughout my reading, I keep hearing folks mention the use of the microRendu to improve the listening experience of the Nova300.


I understand the idea of wanting to reduce electronic noise from the signal path, but was under the impression that that Nova300 did precisely that through its asynchronous USB 2.0 interface. Can someone help me understand the benefit here?


I'm trying to simplify and improve my 2 channel system without breaking the bank. Proposed setup:


QNAP - NAS /Roon > (mR???) > Peachtree > Paradigm Studio 40's


Additionally, I should mention that I plan to purchase one of the new Kaby Lake NUC's in April to replace aging HTPC, when they are released.




How much value is there in adding a Sonore MicroRendu (mR) or Uptone USB Regen into this mix?


mR vs Uptone Regen?



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Thought I would give an updated review of the system now that it is setup and running for future Nova300 prospects.


My (semi) final configuration is as follows:


QNAP TS251+ running minimserver + Bubble (for now) > Cat7 > SOtM sMS-200 (w/Sbooster BOTW 12v PS) > usb2.0 > Peachtree Nova300 > Paradigm mains.



For years I have been screwing around with modestly capable audio equipment that I have picked second hand on a limited budget, trying to build a system that sounded something close to what I hear when I go into one of the high end audio stores. Unfortunately my feeble attempts at replicating that experience have always come short, leading me to listen music streamed from phone thru a beatbox or the like. It has been a really depressing experience.


Last night I added the sMS-200 w/ Sbooster power supply into the mix, set up minimserver on my NAS, scanned and routed everything to the Peachtree, then opened Bubble on my phone chose an 24/96 version of the recently remastered Rumors album and cranked it up.


The best way I can describe the experience: DAMN!!!!


My house suddenly filled the house with 3 dimensional music that sounded alive. It was like being surrounded by music vs standing in front of it. I could literally hear the very particular sound of Lindsay Buckinghams nails and flesh on strings, and that unique twang he produced. Symbols floated into silence vs ticking away. Stevie Nicks voice was so powerful, simply amazing.


This system is F*CKING AWESOME!


Thanks to Romaz, Austinpop and others on this forum for helping me to bring this system to life. I'm a very happy man.

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