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Use of Low Frequency Filter with Active Monitors

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Hi All,


I own a pair of Mackie HR624 mkII monitors. They feature a low frequency filter which can be used to roll them off from 80hz when used with a sub. Is this the best way to use monitors that feature this kind of filter, or should they be left "full range" even when used with a sub??




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Euron, theoretically speaking you would use the filter on your Mackie's at 80hz, and then set the Low Pass Filter (High frequency filter) on the subwoofer's crossover to 80hz. You could be happy this way especially if you like to crank your volume with certain music, it takes stress off of the woofer and can reach higher SPL levels without distorting or bottoming out. Try it out for yourself and see how it sounds to you in your room. In my experience with larger coned subs 12"+ depending on your room you may find the subwoofer "struggling" to reproduce those higher 65-80hz frequencies creating a boomy, unnatural sound in the bass. When this happens I like to crossover the sub in the 55-65hz range and even lower 45-50hz area with 15" or 18" subs. If this is the case in your situation, you would leave the Mackie's set to full range with the low frequency filter off, and try crossing over the sub via it's Low Pass Filter (LPF) in the 55-65 range. It all depends, but I'm just throwing out some general guidelines and what I like to personally do. Crossing over between monitors and subs is one of those combinations you just have to play with and tweak, there is no one size fits all. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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