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Exasound e28 - Must Restart Mac Every Time?

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Been getting familar with my Exasound e28 - It seems I Must Restart Mac Every Time I want to play from a different source on my Mac?


For example - using Netflix on Chrome - output to e28. Then try to use e28 to play something via Decibel = Nada.

Only after restart of Macbook pro can I play from Decibel via ASIO.


Anyone else running into this issue?


That being said, I have noticed that percussion sounds more subtly organic. One can hear slightly more of the material that percussive objects are made of if that makes sense? For example, someone drops a piece of sheet music, it sounds like paper of a certain thickness. When someone shakes a gourd, one can hear there are different seeds inside. Or when a small cymbal is struck it sounds a bit more individual.

Dedicated 20A>>MacBook PRO Core i7>Decibel>Metric Halo LIO8(firewire) or Exasound e28(usb)>RedCo Mogami Multi Channel Snake Balanced Interconnect Cables via DB25 Neutrik Balanced Connectors 3 pin Male XLR-Blk/Gold or BJC RCA Cables

Dedicated 20A>>Dual APC LineVoltageRegulators 1200Wx2>>McCormack DNA 1 DLX mono blocks>Mogami W3104 bi-wire>Aerial 10T v2 Mounted to SoundAnchor Stands+Spikes

Separate 20A>>Dual HSU Research 10 inch Subwoofers

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