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A little help with Audirvana please


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I have a Macbook Pro connected via USB with my Hegel H360 amplifier, running Audirvana 2.5.4. The computer also connected to a router.


Music files (FLAC) are stored on a remote NAS, connected to the amp via Ethernet (same LAN as Mackbook Pro connected to).


Everything was working fine, been playing music with Audirvana via USB input of the amp without problem for a year. My recent Mac OS update caused problem and my Macbook no longer see the USB device (my amp). However, Audirvana now see a H360 Airplay and that seems to work ok.


My question is, is this a MacOS problem? or could it be my amplifier USB port problem (I am more worried about this)? Could the H360 airplay works because the amp is connected to the Macbook Pro via LAN?


Thank you for any help in advance.

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