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Room Treatments for L Shaped / C-shaped room?

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So I started with wondering if I should get different speakers and with a few tweaks I was able to get Much better sound from my existing set up. This started my journey for room treatments and brought me to this question - how much difference would room treatments get me? I suppose I need to do a room measurement...but perhaps someone else has had to deal with a similar space?


My listening room is fairly large and a complex shape due to shared spaces.


From above, It's like a large L


where the speakers are situated at the top of the L


but there is also an open doorway at the rightside/top of the L which leads to a very short /round hallspace to 4 doors>3 rooms and a closet. All closed doors.


At the bottom right of the L is a long extended space to the dining room which also has a kitchen adjoining that.


Top to bottom of the L is 263 inches

width is 138 inches. All ceilings are 96 inches. Berber carpet throughout.

Listening position is 142 inches from the top of the L

Speakers fronts of tweeter units are 40 inches from the top of the L

Tweeter centers are 75 inches apart

Dedicated 20A>>MacBook PRO Core i7>Decibel>Metric Halo LIO8(firewire) or Exasound e28(usb)>RedCo Mogami Multi Channel Snake Balanced Interconnect Cables via DB25 Neutrik Balanced Connectors 3 pin Male XLR-Blk/Gold or BJC RCA Cables

Dedicated 20A>>Dual APC LineVoltageRegulators 1200Wx2>>McCormack DNA 1 DLX mono blocks>Mogami W3104 bi-wire>Aerial 10T v2 Mounted to SoundAnchor Stands+Spikes

Separate 20A>>Dual HSU Research 10 inch Subwoofers

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