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Best Location for iTunes Library

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If using a NAS for music file storage should an iTunes library be on the system drive or the NAS?



Previously when using just one computer (an Apple PowerBook G4) I maintained my iTunes library on the PowerBook and music files on a LaCie drive (Cat 6 ethernet connected to an Apple Time Capsule). This worked fine. Because my library was in my home directory on my system drive it was automatically backed up by Time Machine. I maintained a copy of the music files by simply copying the files from the LaCie drive to a Firewire drive. I did this each time I added new files to the LaCie drive.



With the recent purchase of a MacBook Pro I now have two computers. Both computers can readily access music files on the NAS. However, for changes in the library to be maintained across both computers it would seem necessary that the library be on the NAS. This I have done and it appears to work fine. However, it would now seem I must back up the library manually.


Is the iTunes library location simply a matter of convenience and user needs or is there more to it? Can anyone suggest an automatic method of backing up my library now it is on the NAS?





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