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EUREKA! SONOS Optimization Tips

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I thought I would revive Sonos discussions here, inspired by a small change I made which has had a huge impact.


I started with a Sonos Connect last year on my home wifi network with analog output to my integrated amp. (There is no wired ethernet connection available between this room and my router)


Very quickly, I switched to a coax input into my Marantz SA8005 SACD/DAC - huge difference.

Lesson learned: Sonos connect DAC does not compare to a good modern DAC.


I have been enjoying streamed music (Pandora, Amazon Music, Tune-in) with this configuration but was unhappy with the sound quality of music played from my NAS (iTunes apples lossless on a WD Mycloud) over my home wifi Nwk.


I finally got around to buying and hooking up a Trendnet power-line Ethernet kit from Amazon, hooking up the Sonos, and now the difference is night and day between the wired NAS playback and the wifi nwk playback. Eureka!


I'd say the difference between the NAS playback via Sonos and the Coax feed into the SA8005 and the original CD played on the same devices is less that 1%. I don't think I can actually hear a difference, but perhaps someone with keener ears might.


Lesson (re) learned: wired internet connections when available blow away wifi!


Now I can enjoy my entire Music library sitting in my comfy chair using the excellent SONOS App UI. Happy Father's Day to me!

Best Stereo System: Wired Sonos Connect -> AQ Cinammon Digital Coax -> Marantz SA-8005 -> AA Black Momba 2 interconnects -> Marantz PM-15S2 -> Kimber 8TC speaker Cables -> Zu Soul Superfly speakers.


Ingest> NAS> Distribution: Sony Vaio Laptop ripping via ITunes to Apple Lossless, manually synced to WD Mycloud NAS, Linksys 1900AC Router, Netgear Gig E switch, generic Ethernet cables, TPLinc ethernet power line extenders.

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