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Best "Live and Let Die" by Wings

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I did some research on all of the Paul McCartney and Wings albums, and some of their "singles only" (not included on an album) songs, "Live and Let Die" and "Hi, Hi, Hi" are begging a question:


What's the best sounding version of "Live and Let Die" and "Hi Hi Hi" to you CA listeners? I do know they are on the following compilations:


Wings Greatest

All The Best

Wingspan: Hits and History

Pure McCartney

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Good question. I have both Wing's Greatest and access to Pure McCartney. Will check it out.


It might be possible that the "All The Best!" import from the UK would have the best DR value for "Live and Let Die". It is DR 12.


Analyzed folder: /Users/User/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music/Paul McCartney/All the Best (UK Version)


DR Peak RMS Filename



DR14 over -15.26 dB 01 Jet.m4a

DR13 -2.01 dB -17.24 dB 02 Band On the Run.m4a

DR15 -0.10 dB -16.13 dB 03 Coming Up.m4a

DR13 -0.38 dB -16.50 dB 04 Ebony and Ivory.m4a

DR10 -3.09 dB -15.93 dB 05 Listen to What the Man Said.m4a

DR13 -0.28 dB -17.34 dB 06 No More Lonely Nights.m4a

DR14 -0.52 dB -17.33 dB 07 Silly Love Songs.m4a

DR14 -1.27 dB -17.24 dB 08 Let 'Em In.m4a

DR10 -3.49 dB -15.86 dB 09 C Moon.m4a

DR15 -0.31 dB -17.52 dB 10 Pipes of Peace.m4a

DR12 -1.63 dB -17.10 dB 11 Live and Let Die.m4a

DR12 -2.87 dB -17.61 dB 12 Another Day.m4a

DR13 -0.04 dB -16.56 dB 13 Once Upon a Long Ago.m4a

DR17 -0.20 dB -18.50 dB 14 Say Say Say.m4a

DR12 -0.94 dB -15.70 dB 15 My Love.m4a

DR12 -1.99 dB -17.49 dB 16 We All Stand Together.m4a

DR12 -0.96 dB -15.64 dB 17 Mull of Kintyre.m4a



Number of files: 17

Official DR value: DR13



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