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NAS Users (QNAP specifically) -- Your Share/Folder Structure/Permissions & Security?

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I recently acquired a QNAP TS-451+ NAS. I'm new to the NAS world, but not to PC Audio nor to PC Hardware/Software. I have approximately 40,000 tracks in Folders Named with Artist/Album. Backups are several, both onsite and offsite.


I bought the NAS primarily for audio, but also for video files and to sync home files for 2 users, 4 PC's and handheld devices.


I plan to remove my Mac mini and its firewire external HD and USB connection to my Lampizator DAC and replace it with a microRendu hardwired to the LAN.


My initial plan is to repurpose the Mac mini as a HTPC and use the QNAP simply as a file server. I realize that the QNAP with all of its Apps., and CPU, has the capability of being a HTPC, but because I have the Mac mini and am familar with JRiver/JRemote on the iPad, I figured that since I have no learning curve, I would just stay with what works and that I know.


With that said, i'm trying to learn everything NAS/LAN related and am having a difficult time trying to figure out how best to construct the NAS share/folder structure and permissions. Speaking of permissions and users, they can be set either via the NAS or Windows 8, can't they? If so, if permissions are established in the NAS, is it safe to assume that nothing else specifically needs to be done with Windows?


My question to QNAP users is a suggestion or examples of how you've arranged your folder structure? To keep things simple, I don't plan on using the following apps (well at least not initially):

Music Station

Photo Station

Video Station


Must I put my media files in the QNAP auto made "Multimedia" folder? Since I won't be using the above Apps, I would think not, but?? If I do put my media folders/files in the Multimedia folder, will the individual folders and their structure remain unchanged. That is, the NAS won't do anything to rearrange or deconstruct them will it? If I chose to run Music Station, I've read that might not be the case. But perhaps that's only when they the files are played.


My other concern is LAN security. As such, I don't have a need to access files offsite, outside the home LAN. My modem/router is a Uverse NVG-589. It doesn't do UPnP and without some effort to put it bridge mode (& add a router), it doesn't do port forwarding. Which for my local purposes and security are what I understand to be good things. I haven't installed Qsync, or Download Station nor any of the other apps. offered when setting up the NAS. Thus, so far the only software that I've run is Qfinder Pro and QTS 4.2.


What else would you recommend be done to secure access via the NAS to our home/local files?


If there are any other tips or tricks that you've learned, by all means, please advise accordingly.


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I will try to offer some limited help out of my memory, I am not at my QNAP right now.

I have my music, photos and some videos in the Multimedia folder. Nothing has ever happenet to them - QNAP has never tampered them in any way - so I consider it safe and harmless to put them there. But no need to, if you use some other apps, DLNA software etc to serve them.

QNAP is a computer, and it has its own users and access rights to those users. The users are set up using the admin user in the QNAP software, and the access rights are also set there. You will need to learn the basics of the QNAP software, but it is easy and straightforward.

Then you need to map network drive in Win8 and use the username/password you have in QNAP to logon to that drive in Win PC.

When you set the QNAP users and access rights so that only users with password can logon to QNAP to access the system and the files, you should be all set

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Thanks Pkartti and nwanheg. I agree, the QNAP software seems quite straightforward.


Over the course of many different learning experiences, I've found that time and a lot of forehead slapping can be saved by setting everything up in a fashion that a new-to-me item such as the QNAP NAS "prefers" vs what I "believe" makes sense! Thus, before jumping in head first, I wanted to get a handle on NAS/LAN basics. I've found good info on YouTube and other forums. Mentally sorting through and summarizing everything has made the process much more clear.


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