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Modifying the AEX (2nd gen N) for reduced jitter - i2s and crystal upgrade.. or just buy 1st gen N?

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I read this thread here - particularly posts #15 and #16 which talk about upgrading the crystal in the AEX (2nd gen) and taking the i2s output.




Has anyone here done this? Unfortunately these users @rockitdoc and @cowboy have not been online for years, but I have an AEX I'm more than happy to risk gutting if someone could help me with them.


My aim would be to reduce the optical output's jitter so that it can work successfully with more DACs. However while I can solder, I have little knowledge on the technical side.


I was going to purchase the 1st generation (A12xx) but I'd prefer to improve my 2nd generation (A13xx) if that's something I can do.

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