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Denon DA-300 best connection?

What whould I do?  

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I stumbled upon a deal I could not let go - a brand new Denon DA-300USB DAC for $230!

Normal price is a little more than twice that around here (im from Denmark), but because its on end-of-life they need to make the shelves ready for the just released successor (can be found on Denon Japans website).


Now my problem is, I want to maximize the throughput of this quite amazing DAC, I have 8 different headphones and 3 different setups to use it in, so cant decide which one it will be in the end, therefor the connection from the computer to DAC needs to be the best I can make, but not better than what good sense is, it is not the worlds best DAC, but close to the worlds best deal...



I already own different cables I have in mind for connecting it via Coax, then I just need a Coax "bridge" and have been looking at the HiFace 2 from m2Tech.


My Coax cables are Van Den Hul The Second, its actually a RCA Phono set, but have worked wonders as a Coax cable for me in earlier setups.


I also own a QED Signature Audio Coax cable, as true to 75ohm as possible with RCA plugs, similar to this but different inside.


So in that setup it could be PC -> HiFace2 -> *COAX CABLE* -> DAC -> output what ever I choose in the end



Another solution could be to use the actual USB, which this DAC seems to very much focus on, as its even mentioned in the name.

I have for some time ago tested a long list of great cables and came out with AQvox High-End USB cable as the winner.

Some of the competitors that time was WireWorld Starlight and Van den Hul Ultimate USB, but AQvox had more punch.


Problem is though that the same shop as who sold me the DAC also sells AudioQuest and the guys there recommended AQ Carbon USB which is a little cheaper than AQvox...


If im going to use USB straight to the DAC I will put a AQ Jitterbug in between first, as I have good experiences with that little add on.


So in that setup it could be PC -> jitterbug -> *USB CABLE* -> DAC -> output what ever I choose in the end




What setup would sound the best?

The cost is close to similar in the end so that does not really matter.


Or any of you guys have a better way of doing it?

I don't need cables longer than 0.5 m, if USB it needs to be USB A-B and my budget is in the neighborhood of $200.

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