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QNAP Music/Multimedia station + iTunes


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I currently have my iTunes library on an external hard drive connected to a mac mini. I am migrating the storage to a QNAP NAS, but am a newcomer to NAS's. After reading the NAS manual, the "music station" app looked like a nice feature for phone and internet streaming. But I can't tell if the QNAP software "plays nice" with iTunes? Specifically:


- I was going to simply copy and paste my existing iTunes library folder directly into the "Multimedia" folder on the NAS, and then point iTunes at the new folder on the NAS. I currently let iTunes organize my library folder ... Is the "Multimedia" folder the right folder? Does it matter? Can I treat the NAS like just another drive (i.e. copy/paste the library as above, and then subsequently let iTunes organize the folder) or do I have to use the QNAP file uploader?


-Does the necessary scanning and indexing via the "Multimedia station" change the library directory structure or file names? Any issues that will cause conflicts with iTunes?



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